Back to Work

july 07 046.jpg
I know these shots are a little bit of a tease, but I have been working. First of all, I’m kinda embarrassed that I have had the portrait of Eliana and Sara sitting around waiting for me to finish less profound projects, like…..rabbits. But I am going to finish this portrait very soon!
july 07 047.jpg
I have been adding some fun floral patterns to the negative space and it will freshen up this piece to help me work. I’m still struggling with basic portrait problems. I will conquer them though!!
july 07 048.jpg
And then, there’s Luke, the next portrait. I’m finally getting to it Jennifer! I thought end of May would be less busy. tee hee. I love the close up view, I will enjoy his blond wispy hair that close up!
And for Paige and other folks who love to see dancing kids, check out the videos below!


One thought on “Back to Work

  1. LOL!!
    I didn’t realize you were getting video rather than photos. O spins and spins, Eden tries to snap her wee fingers and Josiah’s head over heels. So great!

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