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Our downstairs has been feeling pretty stuffy the past 3 or 4 days and we finally diagnosed yesterday that the downstairs AC was not working. The upstairs was cool and lovely, but downstairs-UGH! I was so irritated, this is a top of the line Carrier system, what the heck! So I just determined to call the builder today and get someone to look at it. When my parents came over last night for dinner I apologized for how stuffy it was, realizing how fragile even brand new things are. We ate outside and watched the local guys play soccer. Then when cruised around the outside of the house, and I asked Mom what she thought I should do if I wanted to plant my herbs along with how to beautify in front of my AC unit. Joel turned the corner around the side of the house and noticed the door of a breaker box open. Turns out our AC condensers breaker box is outside and Josiah admitted that he flipped the switch. My son in a moment of non-supervision, turned off our AC!! I’m glad I didn’t have to call anyone, but maybe I”ll see about putting a lock on that door. Little rascal…..


4 thoughts on “Rascal!

  1. thanks again for stopping by today. my rascally boys always love seeing josiah, and time to talk with an adult was SO needed.

  2. sounds irritating but you gotta love when a repair job disappears. It’s like God wanting to give you the benefit of building character through deprivation but saving you the cost of of fixing it. If only all of life were that way!

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