mini marathon

july 07 137.jpg
After a hearty get together with many heady ideas we wrapped up more steps for the Clothesline. It was great to have Amber and Amy there, our representatives for fine craft. I think the borders are fading between fine art and fine craft, and I’d like that to be evident with the Clothesline Show. Yesterday I was compulsively checking my yahoo email (because that’s my art contact address) and I got an email from the art director for Hollis Gallery. If y’all don’t remember I showed with them about 2 years ago. They’re featuring new, fresh art throught the fall and I will show there in December! Yeah! But here’s the problem. They need a buncha images by August 1st and for Sept 8th they need work for the gallery hop! GULP. All my new work will be at the Clothesline Show! It’s the same weekend! That means I’m either giving up a great opportunity or I’m working my ass off. Hmmmm, which one will I choose. And I’ll be teaching. Some of these dilemas are good, I have really enjoyed doing childrens portraits, but this will force me to make art for everyone. So here’s my first affordable little Mini Metro: Phonecall. It’s 6×6 and I hope to do a few of them. And I have my eye on a fawn, more bunnies, and maybe another beetle.


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  1. i really like this piece, katie! thanks again for inviting me to be in the clothesline show. i am really looking forward to it!

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