can’t be all bad

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First of all, thanks to all of you that sat down and read my huge to-do list! It’s coming together and although I was freaking out last night and had no self-medicating substances to help me (oh no more ice cream) a good walk to Nightfall and jumping around with my daughter took a lot of stress off. Sitting painting mini-metros makes me feel productive and helps me project into the future months. Ideas of fellowship, growing, stretching, laughter, art sales, art making, and all around thankfulness to God who gives me so much to do! He has given me the joys of my heart! My heart does not truly long for more clothes, a new TV, a Mac, fancy furniture, new shoes, nice hair do’s, a perfect car. I say I want them, but that’s not what I long for. What I long for is with me. Two healthy bo bealthy kids!! I took them to the doc and they were shiny gold stars of health! My boy is 90% weight and off the charts height. My girl is 10% height and weight and did great with getting her finger pricked. Dr. Kaufmann was wonderful. I learned so much! Just when I thought I knew it all. I have a new appreciation for my physician family!

I have a wonderful husband who is so challenging and accomidating and he’s pretty cute too. He’s so kind even when he doesn’t want to be. He showers me with the right kind of advice for my paintings. I know I’ve done something right when Joel says,”oooo, that’s good”.

I have some great job opportunities. Teaching terrifies me and I keep dreading that the kids will be so bored and tell their parents and then I won’t have a job anymore. I am scared, but that puts me in prep mode. I love dreaming up lesson plans. I talk to myself while I drive (yes I admitted that) working through what I’ll say to my new students. I doubt myself because I know there are people better at this than me. But I’m the one they chose. Me. So I better step up and become what I think I’m not.

Even working at AVA is a blessing. I have all this time to be surrounded by art, different people without the added stress of making sure my kids are where I can see them. I have a computer and a lot of quiet moments to reflect, concentrate on what has been clogging up my brain all week. Honestly, I get my lesson plans worked on! And I love playing with the Mac Photobooth, that’s just fun (hehehe).

And playing around on facebook is fun. I’ve found a whole new sector of friends there. It’s so much more refreshing than myspace. Ugh. The gaudiness of myspace makes me crazy!! I love poking my brother back and forth. I mean I’d be poking him if he weren’t miles away.

So back to planning. I am of course, a teacher.


2 thoughts on “can’t be all bad

  1. Love the picture of (still) itty-bitty Eden. My Lydia was always hanging around at the bottom of the charts too and now she’s about average for her age.
    Don’t worry about teaching! You will be great. Anyone who has passion for the job and is willing to go with the teachable moments is a success. The kids realize it and they in turn tell their parents. You will be fine!

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