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Well, little playground, it’s kinda sad to see you go. You served us well everytime we came to visit our house under construction. There were days I just couldn’t believe I would live across the street from a playground. The duck and the chipmunk will be missed the most, you almost can’t find those anymore. The new playground will have recycled tire pieces as the ground and will be shiney and new. There will be new swings, slides and no more wood chips!! Do what you will with the rest of the park, I will be so happy to have a playground again. I’ll miss the unique weathering of that old playground, but as a mama, I’d love a new one. Maybe when we return from HHI there will be a new playground? Is that too much to hope for?


2 thoughts on “Deconstruction

  1. We have a ducky at our nearest playground. Course it’s no where near as close as your old friend.
    Sad to think of you at Hilton Head and us not with you but our times together will come again someday.

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