recoop return rehash

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It rained and rained yesterday in Hilton Head so we packed and left. No more sunshine, no more pool splashes. I was getting tired of seeing my stretch marks so often. Boo Hoo right? Well we are very glad to be home. There is so much to tell, so much to remember.
Some of our highlights:
–Josiah meeting a little boy named Grant, they played so well together.
–Taking the kids out in the bike trailer a few times. They loved it and I am determined to do this at home too.
–Our second trip to the beach we had a high tide and some serious waves. We brought Joel’s old boogie boards for the sake of his grandfather’s wishes to rid the house of unwanted’s. Josiah saw them and insisted that we use them. We did and although my 5ft 3in frame was not prepared to haul one of my kids, my self and some shotty board into a raging sea I did it. And I came out with my suit still on and totally exhausted and with my son saying, “Let’s do it again!!”
–watching Eden dig in the sand repeatedly fill a bucket over and over with her deep concentration and going out to the waves to get more water to drown the Little People and animals in a deep sandy pool.
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–Getting tanned by the pool while reading and drinking margaritas.
–biking miles with my husband on a wonderful breezy day through paths of beautiful houses and trails. It felt great!
I’m sure there was more, but I’m now melding with my couch.


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