to the wire

july 07 264.jpg
It’s August and my calendar is filled with days for preparation and production. The parent-teacher day at HHL is on the 17th and there is much paperwork to be done for classes. I also have to gather still-life objects for drawing in class. If there is stuff you’d like to donate for a still-life table please leave a comment and let me know! Things like dried flowers, seashells, figures/figurines, interesting jars, mugs, vases, gourds, candlesticks, small boxes, cylinders etc… This could be a great way to get rid of those ugly wedding presents that just collect dust waiting for you to use them (hehehe).
I also would like to find some posters of artist work. I have some Matisse and some Egon Schiele. It’s just finding them that’s the problem. I may ask AVA for some former show posters, that’s a hot resource.
The Clothesline Show at the Sessions House is quickly approaching. I need to get the last few submissions to local papers. The art cards came before I left for the beach and they look great! The only problem is that we need to make stickers that have the artists names listed. Mark Cooley gave me a great name of a printer on the Northshore, I just have to get all the specs from them. I also have to produce ART! This past week at the beach I brought my watercolors along. I wanted to make some quick more affordable pieces of art for the Clothesline, and practice my water coloring so I can teach it this next semester. I got a things accomplished. I finished a watercolor version of Be Still. It’s a great image, I gotta say. I also am working on some watercolor pod paintings. Watercolor is so nice, but displaying them is harder. I’ll have to get matt board to mount them on. The Mini-Metros I’m doing are promising either in acrylic or watercolor. The one at the top is the latest. Wish me luck as I make these next two weeks count! If anyone out there would like to spend some time with Josiah and/or Eden let me know, I’d love for them not to suffer through boring errands these next couple weeks.