dog diggity dog

aug 07 127.jpg
It is so hot. Practically unsafe. I look at the weather icon on my toolbar and it says 78 degrees, LIAR! I’m sure it’s already 85. We played bocce ball in the evening on Tues and it was tolerable. So I guess going out has to be done after 7pm. Every night this week is officially booked and each afternoon is envied time that I cannot waste drinking coffee and surfing the net. I have been continuing to experiment with watercolors and got some good tips from my friends Cat and Jen last night and a well needed get together. I would love to get a couple more mini-metro’s done and then have these watercolor studies polished off. I’m a little less panicked about my classes, but ask me again next week and see if I’m freakin’. My mom is graciously taking the kids today to the CDM so I can clean (a little) of my house and paint alot (hopefully). Hours are precious and minutes even more so.


3 thoughts on “dog diggity dog

  1. well at least you have A/C right? It’s not hot anymore now, but when it was hot here, it was practically unbearable! no a/c!!!
    I am LOVING your watercolors!!! GORGEOUS!!! so different, but gorgeous!

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