the well tended soil

aug 07 169.jpg
Because of a whole morning without my kids yesterday (thanks Mom!!) I was able to knock out not only some well needed house cleaning/organizing I got two paintings done yesterday!!
aug 07 156.jpg
This Mini-Metro isn’t quite finished, but it’s pretty well done. These will be at your next Clothesline Show at the Sessions House.


7 thoughts on “the well tended soil

  1. What a diversity in styles. I love how the brights pop in the metro and the sparsity at the top vs the relative busyness at the bottom of the deer. Also the repetition of the circle; it’s just a nicely put together composition. Yay to well-used time.

  2. kate… the fawn piece really took a nice turn! Nice work… I really like the circular composition. Good work!
    Oh.. and the pool day was so much fun… thanks for coming on such short notice… gotta distract ourselves in this heat as much as possible, ya know!

  3. Emma

    I like your description of Eden learning to say Yes, In order to distinguish between my boys yeh and neh, I started making them say, “Yes please” and “No thank you”. It makes such a differnce!

  4. melissa

    i really really love the mini metro katie! i would seriously consider buying it if it isn’t sold at clothesline.

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