itching in my fingers

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The Great Artworks I’ve created this weekend are for the love of educating children. I see myself pointing to these charts and holding them up while explaining what they are. I’m excited about getting the first day over with. That’s in a week, and there are many conversations I need to have with myself, imagining that class before me and what I will say. There must be a day of rummaging through my mom’s and grandma’s things finding still life objects to store for my students to draw over and over again. It makes them so beautiful to be celebrated.
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But with urgency I spin through the last few things that need to be done for Clothesline. I have found a solution for stickers. Print the damn things myself. So the stickers need to be printed & placed, the addresses need to be finalized and placed, the suckers need to get mailed! After that’s done I’ll breathe a little easier, so I think. Of course, I always think of doing everything myself. It’s just not the way God made it to be. Thankfully, the women that I am in the Clothesline with our trustworthy and share my urgency. So why do I have nerves jumbling when I pace the aisles at Target? Because I can’t drag the kiddies everywhere. And boy-o-boy did they remind me today. It’s always nice to run into Amber and Oliver though. It makes my mommy brow unfurrow.
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When I’m home and the afternoon is hot and quiet (accept for the humm of the bulldozers and the knocking of hammers here and there) I examine my plants and sigh that I forgot to get food for them. It’s too hard to nuture so many things. And I have the sniffles that make my head feel a little swollen. I am happy to be so busy. Happy to clean off my dining room table and load it with brushes, tubs of paint, stacks of well loved images, splattery rags just for that one little piece of art that I must sell so badly. Getting cash out today for Aldi just made me think how I can’t wait til September to sell, I need to sell NOW! God’s timing is perfect and I can’t be greedy. The opportunities I have this fall are great and they will overflow my creative cup so nicely. Money will come and bills get paid. The buggy at Aldi was more bare than I’d like (I really wanted that lined wicker laundry basket for $6.99), but that’s the price of this time of year. Fees and supplies, plant food, glassine envelopes and clear stickers. A room filled with the evidence that I am a jack of all trades. Oh for a wardrobe to Narnia, where there might be many square acres of room to build a studio to keep all this stuff!


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  1. i really would not mind helping with the clothesline invitations. i know that i have said it before, but i am finding that i have a bit more free time during the day now that two of my guys will be in school. just let me know.

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