too many words to speak

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SPC pattern, originally uploaded by katiek2.

I’m going to jump on the bandwagon again for the Self Portrait Challenge and give you this pattern contrast. The shirt I”m wearing is an old school Gap shirt that is a wonderful breeze of microfiber-like stretchy stuff. It’s perfect for these hot days when you don’t want to bear all. The painting behind me is the mural done at AVA for the celebration of the Market Street opening. It’s a happy thing to have behind me as I sit at AVA.

I am so filled with things to discuss from my first day of teaching. What a mind-bender. I feel like a shaking little leaf up there pretending to be an adult. Aren’t we all just 15 years old trying to be grown up? It is totally exhilerating and terrifying at the same time. Mostly I hope that these kids like what I”m teaching them, that it makes sense and that I can follow some sort of order. I got 2 hugs from a couple high school students, who have been waiting for someone to have at art class for high schoolers. My second class was a sweet little class of 4 kids 3rd and 4th graders. They were full of stories and ideas. They faithfully did their warm-ups in a concentrated silence. My third class was 14 4th-6th graders. This was the class that worried me. We didn’t have enough table space for everyone. But thankfully, the kids were obedient, they loved the idea of an “art experience” and asked me all kinds of questions regarding what would count as an “art experience. Basically, I want all my students to go out and see art and respond to it. I’m glad my tween-ager class loved this idea. I want to make sure that these kids are challenged with each drawing project we do. I want the highschoolers to be prepared for other art classes they might have in the future, I want the parents to see how academic art can be and also be really fun. I also want my superiors to be so happy and proud of these art classes that they want to offer more art in the future. Like ceramics, oil painting, sculpture and woodworking even. I loved one of the questions I got from one of my high school students, “So, how did you meet all these friends of yours that make art?” I explained kinda where the people I mentioned were connected to me, but now that I have more time to think about it, it’s by the grace of God that I know these people. The encouragement, stimulus, community they have given me throughout my life is invaluable and I wouldn’t trade it for a million friends with money to burn.
In other news, I trucked around with the kids today to various places advertizing Clothesline.

I hit Shagedelic hair salon, Live Urban Marketing, Main and Mocha, and Niedlov’s. I also mailed more cards to the major galleries, I hope they make it there since a little bird told me the cards I designed cannot be mailed (too much text/darkness on the back). Whatever, I refuse to be discouraged anymore. But anyway, we stopped and had a muffin at Niedlov’s and the new venture Create Here had a vinyl poster with a sharpie to write different ideas of what we’d like to see happen in Chattanooga. especially for the arts. I gave the kids some non-permanent Flairs I had in my purse and I grabbed the red sharpie for myself. So what do I want to see in Chattanooga? A lot of things, but mostly free advertizing. So I wrote in big fat words “More Clothesline Art Shows:”. Because I would like to see them, more and more. They have a bumper sticker contest, if you have a clever phrase pitch it!
Also John Henry’s artist community spaces are open and available for lease. It’s called Cypress Corners I have no idea how much they cost, but it’s right in my back yard and Shaun was telling me that they sound pretty cheap. If it’s $500 a month for 1,000 sq ft couldn’t several of us get that space together?


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  1. Emma

    Yes, I think we are all fifteen year olds trying to act like adults. I often feel that way. I look at my two boys and somtimes wonder… Where did they come from. I’m not old enough.

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