Missing: one tooth

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Last night as we watched “A Night at the Museum” on the grass of our Jefferson St Park, Josiah was rolling his tongue in his mouth. I said, “Josiah, don’t mess with your tooth!”
“But Mama, it’s gone!”
Oh crap. “Did you swallow it?”
“No, it fell in the grass”
There it goes, the tooth that should stay in for another year. But I’m thankful it wasn’t something worse. He could have a big infection, or something. So his first tooth is littered somewhere in the park. The hole in his mouth shows no sign of a new one springing up. I’m also thankful that he looks old enough to lose teeth, so I”m not so concerned with what his little gappy mouth looks like. I love my boy, I wish this experience was a little more sentimental for me, but it’s not. I’ll leave that for tooth #2. I did poke around in the dirt a little while looking for it this morning. *sigh*


2 thoughts on “Missing: one tooth

  1. Emma

    Asa has a black tooth. He fell and hit it a while ago. I have no idea when. But he’s only three so I have to look at his dead tooth for another three years. It’s one of his top front ones too. I think we’ll have a celebration when that one falls out.

  2. Well, at 30 years old I had to have one of my four baby teeth pulled. Now I have a gap in the back of my mouth to get used to. Getting it pulled by the dentist was not as grand as having it fall out when I was a kid.
    Bummer he lost it in the grass.

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