a great big splat

When preparing for Clothesline I have this rabid feeling that I have to create more and more art. I told Joel last night, “I just can’t stop making art!” he grins at me knowingly and says,”Good!!” He’s my greatest cheerleader. This little beetle was purely a reference for the other beetles I’ve recently created, but wouldn’t you know, he snuck into my collection anyway. Trying out watercolors gives me a whole new sense of what I love. I love putting a huge blob of watery inky stuff and puffing on it really fast to get the color to move where it will really fast! It usually ends up being a happy surprise how it turns out! Seeing colors bleed into one another is awesome, the art takes on a mind of it’s own. The pencil, something I only seem to use during my art classes these days, comes back to me so I can trace out the body of these creatures, produce perfect circles as I trail around a lid or bottle. The frenzy to create is like an addiction. I fear I will abandon my children to it one day. What’s the worst that happens? Maybe the table gets painted on when I don’t want it to. A drip or three on my hardwoods. My brushes get used as ninja spears for a moment before I snatch them and tuck them away again and again. It’s a little bit sad every time I have to put away my art supplies. I know I would love a studio. It’s not even close to being financially possible right now.
Clothesline is this week!! I know we are all excited, and I just hope I don’t have too much of the post show blues when it’s all over. Joel and I are already talking about getting a booth for the Chattanooga Market. I am very pleased that I also have the Hollis Show in December to work for. I would love to start some larger pieces for that show as soon as the Clothesline buzz has worn off.


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