We’ll name him Fynn

sept 07 035.jpg
sept 07 033.jpg
Since I’ve been on this little creature kick in my artwork, I start asking Josiah and Eden what they see. They usually can tell. But today I asked Josiah what this bunny should be named. The other bunnies I’ve painted have names: Brownie and Cookie. Those beautiful buns are so photogenic and I’m sure I’ll paint them over and over. I’m not sure what the name of this one is, and the thought of browsing flickr for his picture is not a great use of my time right now. So Josiah looked at him and said, “We’ll call him Phineas, like baby Phineas” Josiah isn’t very random with names. He pretty much uses the names that he’s heard already. Funny that Phineas is a name he’s heard enough to repeat. So we’ll call him Fynn. Because I like that spelling, and it gives some homage to poor speckeled and sick Phineas. We’re praying for you little buddy!