Cleaning House

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I realized yesterday that 3 to 4 days a week I do not see my boy all morning! That’s really wierd to realize, but in a way it’s great because his independance is more and more evident. My mom takes my kids on Thursday mornings to the CDM and I usually use the time to do some deep organization. There’s only so much I can do with the kids in the house. Especially since our largest storage space is the closet in their room. I went to work on our office/guest room which is in a constant state of chaos. There have been boxes labeled “art papers” and I’ve wondered what was in them. So with my kids gone til almost 3 (wow was it worth it) I got my office back! Boxes were unpacked and broken down, things were moved other places and things were boxed for yard sale and the trash. I now have only 1 large Rubbermaid of fabric stuff, and 2 small Rubbermaids with photos in one and glues and chemicals in the other. Of course I still have my hutch that we’ve had since apartment one. I got 6 red dishpans to cover the clutter. I have one bin with watercolor stuff, another with acrylic stuff. I have a large green bin with frames and canvas boards, another bin with different papers for the computer. I have a Rubbermaid drawer with all the stencils I’ve used, and images I’ve used. It’s come in handy since I am now painting the Be Still image for the third time! I still would like my birthday present to be a large cabinet from IKEA so my supplies are behind doors. I’d like this room to hold a bed, sometime.
In those “art papers” boxes I found a slew of watercolors from my watercolor class. This is not one of them. I painted this after. This is a father daughter that we knew in Atlanta. I loved how this part of the painting came out, but the other members of the family didn’t work out so well. I”m thinking of cropping it and putting it on etsy. I have a lot of atmospheric studies that I did while we vacationed with the Perkins in Helen GA.
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I might get these up on etsy too. There’s a part of me that loves doing these studies because the illusion is so satisfying.I put a set of them up on my flickr. Check it out to see whole pieces, these are just details.
In other news I have been cramming to get a portrait done and I just cannot finish it. While looking at the portraits of Josiah and Eden I know why I’m not satisfied with it, I just dread attacking it one again. I just want it to be done! I need the cash-o-la! It’ll come together, I just went to bed feeling sick about it.
But here’s something I’m very giddy about! My friend Michelle who went to KSU with me has sent me her promo packet to show the Hollis Gallery. I hope that I can get her a show because this new work is soooo cool! Joel bought me one of her faces for Christmas last year, and I love having a piece of hers. Pray that we can get her up here!
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  1. Laurie

    we love and use the dishpan containers (it’s a great size!) from Big Lots. I buy them in bulk when I can because they are SO useful!

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