well, it was coming, I knew it. After an evening of the kids playing on pbskids the computer decided to go blind. Funny thing is, I’m blogging on it right now. Seems the only problem is that the bulb has burnt out. I can see what I’m typing if I lean the screen over a little too far. Thankfully, we have not lost data, but we cant go very long without a temporary solution. I have another monitor that I figured out how to hook it in, but my applications are not showing up on the other desktop. Not sure how to navigate that with a blind eye. So now is your chance. If you can help me with this monitor before the weekend is over you’ll get some credit for art. Of course you’ll have to know how to contact me in other ways. So that limits you a bit. But those of you who know how, please help!
Ok, here’s an update. Our computer is still dark but because I’m a sharp cookie, I figured out how to extend my desktop onto the monitor that works. Thank God!! We still will have to start shopping, but I’ll definately start downloading my important documents now. So thanks if you even thought about helping, but I think I’m in the clear for now, until I have to explain it to Joel. Ugh.
sept 07 376.jpg
I made this “Be Still” study for Dottie at Niedlovs. She was very moved. She said the image reminded her of when she’s done designing a set (she’s a theatrical set designer) she steps back and takes it all in. She feels God’s arms around her embracing her. Makes you tear up huh? So I want to thank Julie and Dan for posing and taking this picture. I’m geting lots of financial miles out of it.