Birthday list

It’s October, and that means my birthday is right around the corner. I turn 31 on the 12th. Happy 31st to me!! Unga. I haven’t made up a really complicated list this year because I pretty much know the important stuff. #1 Really, only I can pick out the furniture and home decor I want. #2 I’m not really sure what all that is yet. I know I want a new purse and I want some new earrings. Some perfume would be gladly accepted too. But mostly I love my birthday because I ask for music. This is what I want:
Regina Spektor-Begin to Hope
The Shins- Wincing the Night Away
Travis- The Man Who (I lost this in Norway and I NEED it)
Ryan Adams-Easy Tiger
Neko Case-Fox Confessor Brings the Flood
and because the past is so important when turning 31:
Heart- The Essential Heart
Bangles-The Bangles Greatest Hits