Community Benefits

We went for a walk last night to the Choo-Choo and instead of cutting down Washington we walked all the way down to Main to visit with Rachel Conn. She owns the brightly colored Victorian places next to MayCreate and the Alfonsos. She has a bunch of dogs in her yard and we talked over the barking (and squealing kids) about my upcoming art show. She’s a big fan of the Metros and was going to buy one. I talked about how my neighbor Jan was going to help me make a panel. She said, “You know you should just buy a door and cut it where you want”. First I was thinking a door with sections, then I thought about the hollow kind like we had in Marietta. How would that work? “No a solid hardwood door” she said. Hmmmm, not a bad idea, I mean that would save a lot of carpentry! Then she said she had some wood in her shop. We walked out back and she showed me these beauties! Two average large and then two smaller skinny pieces. They have an awesome texture! I’ll have to clean up some of the edges but man, they are really smooth!
It’s like a loaded gift from God. “Here you go Kate, time to work harder!” It’s great, it saves this Mama a lot of precious, expensive time.
It’s getting closer to being done. Time to start a new one!


One thought on “Community Benefits

  1. lucky you*god is good to supply us with all of our needs, BIG&small! i’m going to try and do some thrifting, to find and recycle canvas or strange framed pieces of art. if you’re ever out and about, keep and eye out for me. a door is a fantastic idea, what about checking out estate of confusion on main?ox.

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