Continuing the Series

Today’s my 31st birthday. I’ll celebrate with Joel tonight, somehow, gotta find a sitter. I wanted to have a party but with my grandfather’s passing the memorial service and the hub-bub surrounding it takes top priority. And that’s Ok. I can’t say I”m not bummed just a little, but good grief, how can you really be selfish about this. I’m a big girl, I”m a 31 year old girl. Sheesh. Looking back at last year, I found out that I was accepted for Arts Move, that has been a killer present that gives over and over again.
I finished the “Oslo” Metro painting last night and after looking through my sources discovered it’s actually Paris too. Oops. I mean it’s Paris, it’s beautiful and terribly photogenic. I do have a couple shots of Chattanooga and Oslo and another couple fun ones from NYC, Fort Worth TX, and Kansas City. I started another paris last night, and a triptych (!!!) of Oslo. I’m really excited about working on three small panels. Here’s a picture of the two finished Paris pieces: Yellow Umbrella and Another Paris.


4 thoughts on “Continuing the Series

  1. happy birthday, katie! i hope that you are able to find a sitter and have a great time out with your husband!
    the paintings continue to look amazing!

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