Faster than a Speeding Bullet

I went to the thrift store with the kids looking for real clothes and real shoes but this, this was a gem I never expected!! Josiah has loved LOVED Abel Cooley’s Robin outfit and as we were perusing the Halloween costumes at the thrift store Jos found a Robin costume that would have fit Eden, “Mama!!! I want to be Robin! Like Abel!” I sighed because I saw how small it was. As the phrase, “Honey that Robin outfit is too small, its for a little baby…..” I ran into this one, a 5T or an XS whatever it is, it fits Jos perfectly. I mean, whatta happy day! I haven’t been able to get it off of him when we are within the walls of the house. I must insist that he doesn’t wear it to Walmart.
THEN, to my great joy I found this horrid Tommy Girl dress. I have no idea why any sef-respecting parent would put their child in this as real clothes. It makes an excellent Super Girl, Wonder Girl outfit!! I can just picture her in white tights, a blue cape tacked to the back and a shiny aluminium foil headband. Awesome. So we’ve had many rescues and chases, jumping, flying, “saving of the day” if you will. Eden loves her brother so much, even if she would rather snuggle a stuffed piggie, she is willing to HI-YA with her brother anytime.


4 thoughts on “Faster than a Speeding Bullet

  1. Which thrift store did you go to? I have been really disappointed lately at the lack of good stuff in any of the places I have checked out.

  2. we now have a community of superheros protecting jefferson heights from all evil! now we need to start encouraging the adults to dress up.
    looking forward to hanging out with you guys once things settle down a bit here.

  3. Too cute! As I was looking at the photos, I wondered which superhero Eden was supposed to be! LOL. Figures it’s a Tommy dress. I think it makes an excellent superhero outfit.
    Have fun fighting crime with your wee ones šŸ™‚

  4. Linda

    Cute super hero’s! I have been meaning to hit up a few thrift stores to get Juden a costume if there are any left.

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