Calling all Chattanooga Crafters!

I was approached by Debbie Blackman about a Christmas Bazaar at Alexian Brothers. Not sure which one, but its somewhere in the greater Chattanooga area. I know some of you out there either are in Chattanooga and have a supply floating around of jewelry you’ve made, purses, cards, onesies, knitted items, small original art etc that you would love to make a little extra Christmas money with. Alexian Brothers is an assisted living community and I’m sure some of the residents would love to get all of their Christmas shopping done at this bazaar. So if you would like to give it a go the event is in December, not sure the exact date, but it’d be before the 15th I’m sure. You can contact me if you think you’d like to do it but wouldn’t be able to be there all day, we might be able to have a few of us that would be glad to sell in shifts etc. The booths are free, yes FREE! Think of what the residents would like best and if you can accomidate them. Debbie said she doesn’t have anyone doing cards yet, and original art is welcomed enthusiastically. It’s kinda a chance, but it may be worth it! Also, if any of you non-Chattanooga residence would like to get in on this and are passing through for Thanksgiving let me know if you want to drop stuff off and I’ll sell it for you! You can email Debbie directly here. Please drop my name as I told her I would be mentioning this to friends thanks!