Metro Tutorial

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tutorial 1, originally uploaded by katiek2.

Here’s the first session of tutorials for my metro style paintings. This piece is a triptych. I ordered this long and skinny canvases by accident, but as alot of my artwork process goes, mistakes are sometimes the best things to happen. I hope that this piece turns out sucessful in pieces and together. Of course I think it should be together, that’s how I planned the composition. I’ve also finished the 2 Lanes piece, and started gessoing a large panel. I would appreciate your prayers as both Joel and Eden have been a little sick this week. Well, Eden’s been barfing and sleeping alot, so I guess thats a lot sick. Joel has lost his voice and that’s not good when you have to answer phones all day, other than that he feels fine. I have to stay on track with these paintings, and being able to finish them in 3 to 4 days is really good. I hope to open this art show on Dec 1, with the reception being on Dec 8. Create Here is having an event on the 8th called “24 hours on the Southside”. We’re not quite sure what it is, we just know we want to be featured. I say ‘we’ because it’s Joel’s idea. And a good one at that. I hope it works out, and I pray that I will get as much finished for Dec 1st as possible.