the colder day

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the colder day, originally uploaded by katiek2.

well we’re back, and i”m not totally recovered. We did have fun, but my mind is off the past and is already wrapped around trick-or-treating, get-togethers, babysitters, making and selling and shipping and copying art.

I have sold both my Fawning painting and my Morphing painting to a Etsier. It pays to be on Etsy!! I need to make more art! I’m running out! Praise God!!

Joel might be getting a much nicer job at BCBST. It’ll be more money and more flexible. My husband is so practical and such an optimist/idealist does that all work? I dunno, I love that. He loves the work enviroment where he can flourish.

My brother and sister-in-law found out they are having a boy! Hurray! Could it be the next Samuel in the line? No pressure guys.

Wondering if we’ll go to Artini. It’s got that Prom sorta feeling. I don’t know if I like that.

Josiah’s gonna be Robin “boy wonder” and I’m hoping Eden will cooperate and be a tutu-wearing pixie wing girl with all the prettiest blue and green flare. We’ll see what she wants to do.