the necessary hocus-pocus

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Here are our Halloween visuals. Josiah of course was Robin-Josiah, boy wonder and Eden was a little fairy-pixie. It’s amazing what you can do with a roll of tulle. We tried to get Eden to sit with all the super-heroes at the Cooley’s house but she made a quick get away.
cookies 1.JPG
And in other celebritory news I have my mom’s Reformation Day cookies. She has these antique cookie cutters and she decided after some research (cuz my mom loves to research) that these were not pilgrims, or Santas, they were more akin to the Reformers: Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Knox etc… It’s a silly tradition, and we giggle about it every year, while we’re biting off little Luther heads.
cookies 5.JPG


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  1. Emma

    Katie, those are some pretty sweet costumes. I love Josiah’s “Kapow!” And the Luther cookies are just awesome!!

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