We caught up

This past week our good friends from Boise came to visit. And we partied until we couldn’t party no more! On Thursday the mom’s met at St. Elmo playground and we stayed until the kids were falling over tired. That night we had the crew over to Jeff Heights for Kickball Night and we hung out until it was too dark and too cold. Saturday we went to the Monahans and had a bonfire, dawgs and Yuengling. The kids had hot chocolate and Jonah. Sunday we went to Isaac Perkins 3rd birthday party at his Nana’s house. Cindy can never be undone to have plenty of goodies to eat and play with. I enjoyed sporting a witches nose, it smelled like an old Strawberry Shortcake doll.
Some major highlights were: While swinging hearing Gideon ask Cat, “Cathy, is my tail wagging in the breeze?”. He was wearing a full body dog costume. Watching Lulu “mommy” baby Naya. Watching Josh push Juden into the stratosphere on the Monahans little plane swing. The whole crew zoned out watching a movie for like 15 minutes. Arriving to Isaac’s party greeted by the sounds of Ibachs zooming on dirt bikes. Phineas in his lion costume, oh my gosh, so cute! And a close second was Eden wearing a pirate patch and saying “ARGH” to passers-by. It never seems like enough time, although when it’s over we realize it was exhausting. We hope to plan a get-away this summer. Sounds like there’s a plan in the works.


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