My Next Art Show

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"NYC, Chicago", originally uploaded by katiek2.

On Thursday there will be a Thanksgiving day program at Hilger Higher Learning. My students will have an art show during the program. They did a “Master Artist” Project where they had to study an artist and do an original composition based on the artists style, subject matter etc. I haven’t posted all the projects because I just get tired of how my new laptop takes me through a maze to find my photos and upload them. I have a whole set of them on Flickr, go check out all these wonderful students sucesses! This is one of my favorites. Jonas does wonderful work, I love that he chose Rauschenburg and he went wild with breaking up the picture plane and using all kinds of symbols, shapes and line work. He’s in 5th grade. I hope he continues to take art next year!

I’ll back the students artwork with black posterboard and put title cards by their work. I’m also thinking I’ll have a People’s Choice Award for the favorite piece and I’ll give out some sort of prize. Whatever that might be.

I’m swimming in deadlines these days. Life is exciting but the procrastinating spirit is strong. I MUST finish this large Metro so I can move on and do another. Oh man, I’m pretty tired of doing Metro’s. I need to experiment and Metro paintings are pretty rigid in their bounderies. I have been sniffly and sick for the past week and my energy level has been lower. I try to force myself to work until midnight on my paintings, but my body makes me stop. dead. at. 11:45. I’ts crazy, just when I think I have it down my time management is gone.

We’re also bummed at our house because Joel was served some serious injustice at BCBST. He applied for another position and went through interviews and waiting just to find out that they missed a qualification in the job description. They did not post this qualification until after the whole process was over. There are other things that make this situation worse that are confusing to me and is all this corporate brew-haha that just makes Joel more upset. And Joel doesn’t get upset very often. I always battle with what “a good wife” is and this scenario is so foreign to our household that I am just praying for Joel. Prayer is the best service a wife can do for her husband. Ladies, pray for your husbands today. Not with requests for correction, but with blessings, that God will fill him with peace, joy wisdom and strength. My husband is such a great man, it makes me crazy when everyone doesn’t see that. There is a mantle of discouragement that must be lifted, it’s been around too long. His talents are just dying to come out and be used full force. I love my Joel.


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