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Wow, it’s done. I thought I never would. I thought I shot myself in the foot as far as getting the proportions right. I need to varnish it after I do some small touch ups. I can’t say I’m in love with it, it’s worn out it’s welcome on my easel, but it’s a techinical exploration, and I’m pleased with it. As I did this one I just realized that in the hot spot centers of NYC and LA my artwork would not have an impact. It takes some real innovation to get noticed. But I am not looking to be in a hot spot. I’ve been watching Project Runway Season 3 (oh my gosh I love this show!!) and I relate it to the fine arts world. Am I an innovator? Could I be the one who makes attractive things that are also challenging? This is what I want to work toward. The Metros are pleasing, their effect and perspective is wonderful and they send people on journeys to places they’ve never been. But I’m looking to do something else for a while. Something that’s innovative, challenging, and makes the viewing public see the growth. I have a goal to do two more acrylic Metro pieces and then work on watercolors over Thanksgiving.
The Metro Series by Katie Ward Knutson at the Hollis Gallery 1401 Williams Street Suite E-10. The capture of urban beauty featuring the Metropolitan in Paris and other reflections of Europe. Show starts December 1st, join us for an After Parade Party and Opening on December 8th during MAINx24!
If you, my readers can think of a better name for the ‘after parade party and opening’ than please let me know!! We hope to get someone their to make eggnog latte’s!!


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