A burning flaming soapbox

There is not much about Chattanooga I can complain about right now since moving back here has amped up my career as an artist, but I’ve said it before, I miss my stores. It was so easy to get groceries, clothes, pictures, froo-froo coffee and I didn’t have to drive to the 4 sides of town beacause there were 8 of each of your necessary stores in a 20 mile radius. Of course, if you wanted the best Indian food in the ATL you have to drive through an hours worth of traffic to get to the other side of town. So, I’m not really complaining, BUT, I hate with great passion, Hamilton Place Mall. I can drive around the mall and tolerate what surrounds it. I guess not for long, since holiday shopping is begining to rear its ugly head. But yesterday I had to go inside the belly of the beast, Hamilton Place Mall. I had to take down my students art show at HHL then I had to go to Wolf Camera. The closest one was at the Mall. First, we are fighting off pink eye again. Eden has had it since Wednesday. And she is recovering nicely. But after we got into the Mall I saw Josiah’s eye start to get reddish. By the time we left his eye was puffy. Ugh. I forgot our diaper bag and Eden pooped her pants before we even got upstairs. We got to Wolf after 15 minutes at the most boring indoor play area ever.
I was ready to off myself! All the parents sitting around looked terrible in their sweatpants and baseball caps. Their kids are dressed up for Christmas photos and the models at Express and Abercrombie mock us as we sit there. The kiosk vendors are out in full force and I had a good excuse today, a kid in each hand (one that smells, the other with a communicable virus) kept them from approaching me.
At Wolf it took everything in me not to send Josiah out of the store to the bench across the way just to keep him from punching the touch screens. See, I never never would have taken on this challenge but I was down a day. My Grandma fell and was sent to the hospital. She’s Ok, they’re keeping her to treat a mild pnemonia, she’s fine but it’s my mom’s top responsibility and my kids are mine. Also Sandi from Hollis called me to say that her images of my artwork were corrupted and the guy doing the card needed images STAT. So plans changed and I had to go to get my images today.
So off we went, sorry kids, we’ll play another day. Mama’s sorry. I wanted that 8 hours of my life back so bad too.
We ate at Chick-fil-A, and the tables looked so gross. They were not clean, neither was the floor. The gumball machines next to where we were eating made me cringe and I wished so badly I had my diaper bag that was well equipped with Clorox surface spray and Purell. Oh, never again! Lord, protect my children with the blood of Jesus so they won’t get a thousand cooties and protect the other children from the cooties my kids have.
But thank God I have my pictures! The guy thanked me up and down for sending the pictures and it was worth it, but it makes me sad and a little crazy when a waste so much time of my kids life. I count on Friday to do something fun. But when life throws curve balls sometimes I rise the occasion and when the Mall was thrown in to the mix I fumbled, coughed, wretched through the whole thing. Hopefully I can postpone this kind of experience and venturing into Hamilton Place again.


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