I was about to get panicky…

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Can’t bite my head off!, originally uploaded by Resmi 17.

In fact, Josiah in his exhaustion was starting to let his lip curl and say that, “Mama, the heater, it’s scaring me!!” There was some kinda noise coming from the front of the house, but it wasn’t the paper plant, and it wasn’t pipes, or so we thought, I mean the fear/rage shooting through me as I thought, “Why in the world would Joel just turn off the heat! Completely! I mean it got down to 29 degrees!” We went down to Atlanta for Thanksgiving and Joel turned off the heat at our house. What was that noise? Where was it coming from? Joel walked out the front door and my mind is racing, remembering the pipes busting at our house in Marietta. The whole ceiling was dripping with water and the stain that we painted over and over so it wouldn’t show. Then I narrowed it down, It wasn’t coming from the house, or outside, it was coming from Eden’s bag. I shouted out the front door, “Joel I know what it is and you’ll laugh” It was our Oral B bleepity-bleep electric toothbrush. Josiah had a good laugh, no more fear. I said, “See, the toothbrush was reminding us that it’s way past bedtime and we need to brush!” Oh my goodness, thank you Lord for my house, and my toothbrush.