Can I just say…

chr dish1.JPG
I just got off the phone with Ann Nichols from the Times Free Press! I know I’m a nerd, but getting in the paper feels pretty cool. eep!
Also, in other exciting Knuts’ news. Remember that Josiah pretty much knocked his tooth out, well it was a bit anti-climactic because he, well, he pretty much knocked it out. I wasn’t looking forward to how long it would take for his new tooth to grow in, and if his other teeth would go all wonky waiting for new tooth to grow in. Happiness, Josiah’s tooth is growing in! I can’t believe it, he’s not even 5! But I’m glad, now I feel like celebrating his new tooth.
After going to IKEA and steering clear of lots of their Christmas stuff I went ahead and decided to get these cute Christmas dishes at Target. So much for self control. And yes, I’m going to type this out because it’s TRUE! The latest Martha Stewart Living… And Papersource has Taxi Christmas paper and Robot Christmas paper! Oh dear.
I must finish my Rotterdam painting. It needs some varnish and some venner sides! eep!