More Reasons to Show

Here’s the three pieces I’ve finished the past couple days. I’ve been working like a busy bee! The first piece is of Jefferson Heights, the next one is an approved borrowed flickr photo of Ft. Wayne TX, the last one is Rotterdam. I am glowing with pleasure from the IKEA frames that make my watercolors look professional, and the wood veneer strips I found to iron onto the sides of my larger panel (door) pieces to give it a framed, whole look. It looks soooo great! I’m not stressed completely, but I’ll be glad to have this all over with. There are interviews (yes interviews), and inventory lists, reception drinks, and other events to plan for. I’m so thankful, but very tired!
I want to shout out to my friend Lynn, Happy Birthday! And to my other friend Jen, congrats on another healthy baby girl!


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