I think I’m finally going to quit

I finished the final piece of art for the Metro Show at Hollis tommorow. If you’re not planning on coming than you better change your mind! The last piece has a kinda inside joke, if you come to the show I’ll fill you in.
I am so pooped and the action doesn’t stop. Tommorow we’ll do the family fun MAINx24 and do free carriage rides, the Christmas Parade, the Main Street Mural unveiling and then a good long stretch at Hollis to sip wine, eat brie and chocolate truffles and my Mom’s St. Nicholas Cookies. The Southside tree lighting is at 5pm and I would love to swing by there and see the first ever Southside tree lit up. I need to find a handmade ornament to do my part. Then hopefully I can crash until the Coptix Party.
Sunday we have to do the Tykes class at church, so instead of sitting on my butt working on Christmas projects that have been left unfinished for the past 2 years, I”ll be planning an advent lesson for 11 3 to 5 year olds. And wrapping up plans for my last class before Christmas. We’ll be doing handmade wrapping paper and some simple origami after the students talk about their self portraits. Monday NRV has a Ladies Night Out Christmas get together at Rachel’s House, and Tuesday I have to hang my students artshow and find some prizes.
Maybe by Wednesday the 12th we can get our tree! Oh, that makes me so happy to think about that! Rum and eggnog and schmaltzy Christmas music! It makes exhaling feel so good. I also can’t wait to score one (or two) of Amber’s handmade owl ornaments for our tree.
I made a modern funky wreath out of mailing tubes. The idea is from the latest Readymade mag. It came out really neat! I don’t have any flattering paint for it as of yet, but a piece of masonite to work on and a big jar of elmer’s glue connected them just fine. I used my bread knife to chop the tubes apart. I could sand the little tidbits off. I got some of those battery powered tealights at Walgreens and they look kinda neat hiding inside the tubes. I probably won’t leave them in there. My house is all about throwing things together these days. And when I slow down a smidge maybe my posts here will be less of a to-do list and more thoughtful.


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