Were you smart enough to buy art for Christmas?

Now I will not devulge who is getting these pieces, but the giver’s are such clever and thoughtful people. Art is a wonderful gift to give. Even Joel is effected by the love that is going in to these purchases. Of course, we are thankful, it’s a gift to us too, to be able to sell a little extra over the holidays. Can you believe this giclee is the original size? It looks bigger don’t it?
I’d like to thank all of my faithful readers for commenting, it’s great to see some of you come out of the cracks to reflect on these things. I really felt heavy that day. Yesterday me and the kids did a few Christmasy errands that involved walking downtown. We got cinnamon rolls at Nielov’s, and we took the Electric Shuttle to the Bijou. We spent some quality time in Rock Point Books. I love that store, it’s wide open so I can let the kids play (the truck bed is the cest!!) and look at my own stuff on the other side. Of course, I love the kids books the best anyway. Loading the bike trailer-stroller into the Electric Shuttle is quite a task, especially with the lunch crowd from all the insurance companies, so we just walked all the way home! At first I thought I would regret it, that the kids would be mad that they weren’t riding the bus, but they were great! I think the sunshine made all the difference. The sun on our faces, the exersize, the funny windows at the EPB. I knew I needed to get out of the house and move, ALOT. The blisters on my little toes are payment for my ambition. It makes me wish I had the necessity to walk more. That’s why I long for a grocery store (or ANY practical store) downtown. I’d love to drive less and less.
And on a kinda humorous note, one of my art students tags buildings. Yeah, he defaces property. Hehe. If only he worked as hard on his assignments. He was working on his “logo” in class and I was asking him about it. I asked what it said and he told me “dank”. As I was walking down an alley way on the way home I saw “dank” 3 seperate times! Thank goodness I had a camera to record my students “homework”.
Again, thanks for all of you that decided to get art for Christmas. I’d say that it isn’t too late to order some, but it kinda is. You can call Sandy at the Hollis Gallery at 423-265-4444 and get the thing you desire.


One thought on “Were you smart enough to buy art for Christmas?

  1. Reidun Paulsen

    I(Reidun) am the privileged receiver of the first painting, Be Still, from said smart gift buyer(Becky.) I feel so incredibly blessed. It is my first ever real painting!!! Thank you so much Katie for all you put in to this for me. I can not even begin to explain my gratitude, to you and Becky. You, for your amazing gift as an artist, and Becky for her generous and savvy gift giving. Thank you does not express my feelings but that is all I’ve got right now. Thanks a million and Merry Christmas!

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