Christmas’ed Out

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What a wonderful time was had by the whole fam! The kids were hilarious and classic reactions were classic. It is always wonderful to see my kids venture into a new phase of play with newer toys made for older kids. This was the first year Josiah proclaimed “I want”. And his want was not to hard, a blue light saber. Josiah got his wish.
At the same time Christmas was hard this year. Not because money was tight, or because we travelled all over the world, but it just was hard. I think the gathering of “stuff” as delightful as it is makes my blood pressure rise. My house has so little storage space. My awesome, green, energy effcient, brand new house has a tragic flaw. NO STORAGE. No basement, no attic, and closets that are diffucult for me to oraganize. I am admiting on the www that I have a closet weakness. I’m not a pack rat, I mean, I am a woman so that qualifies me to have some excess of things like lotions, hair products, shoes, accessories, bobby pins. And I am also an artist so that means an excess of canvases, brushes, papers, pens, cardboards, different painting substances etc. I am an art teacher for pre-K. elementary and high school so I have everything from art history texts and intricate project books, to simple books about making things with paper and glue, and different craft books for different age levels. I used to think it was pretty wierd that we didn’t have that many books, well I think I’m catching up to the rest of the world. I also am a mother of small children so I have stacks of their projects from school and paintings they did at home (I do throw quite a bit away). And toys, lots of toys. I think the little bitty pieces are the ones that get me, mostly because I fear the usefulness of said toy will vanish because I am not tidy enough or organized enough to keep all the pieces. So as you can see, Christmas adds more things to the mix. How ungrateful am I? I actually am very grateful for all the wonderful things that friends and family gave us, it’s a wonderful silence in the house when the kids are playing with new things. It’s an unusual sound!
So my plans for this small period of down time is to get some things organized. I have to hang things that have been just propped up for six months. I have things I need to paint, stain or polish. It has been so easy to get discouraged in this effort and I’m praying my way through it this time. I really need the Lord to give me courage to tackle this thing. It totally makes me feel inadequate and the money needed to organize things isn’t around right now. There are so many more ‘I wants’. I know there are ways I can make this process economical, and take steps in a wise way. Hopefully my new toys will not distract me from my goal. It is very tempting when you have a new mixer and Project Runway to watch.
My first day back to school is the 7th and I’ve ordered some materials from the National Gallery for teaching some organized art history. The materials are free, they loan them out for teaching purposes. I can’t wait to see what it’s like. Before that though, I must clean out the art closet at HHL and count the votes from the last student art show I hung. And I need to find a prize! Christmas break is finally starting to feel like a break with days full of no plans and kids sleeping in!! Amazing. So I’ll keep you guys in the know and I hope to post pictures of the projects I want to accomplish.
Oh yeah, and then there’s Clothesline, May 07 version. New and improved(I hope), if I have anything to say about it!