Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from our little fam to yours! We spent a wonderful week with one of our favorite people having lots of time to spend with us, Cat! We also got to go to Tara and Courtney’s house and have a sweet NYeve party with music, great food, brewskees, and my two kids dancing til midnight. I know, I’m a crazy mother. They did so well until about 12:10am, then Eden melted down. This is one of our attempts for a family picture with Cat snapping for us. We had some great colors outside, but we just couldn’t stay outside that long. Some of you I”m sure will receive our New Year’s letter in your mailbox soon complete with the chosen photo of greatness!
I also would like to celebrate the New Year with our friends Ty and Jess Willison, who welcomed their daughter, Ruby Katherine, as the first baby of 2008!! Way to go guys! And congrats to Joy Lynn and Chris Gosey on their bundle of baby boy, Truett. New Year’s will have a whole new reason to celebrate for you guys! Happy baby love!


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