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I’ve been putzing around with what to do for our next Clothesline Show’s card. The biggest challenge was that the other super ladies involved thought it would be cool (and it is) to have a full oversized postcard that would fold to be a sealable envelope sorta thing. It would still only cost a postcard price which is now, what 29 cents? So the green rectangle will be the front with address and the picture will join on the back side sealed with a sticker. I am no amazing digital media goddess. I fumble and cuss my way through learning this stuff. But once I figure out a couple things I am totally satisfied with the result. After I scrounged for photos I liked. Which this one was taken by Mark Cooley and I snagged it off flickr. I know, Mark can I use your photo? Anyway, this is a draft. I have to run it by the womanly powers that be and see if it’s worthy. Another cool thing I like about this is that the decorative flourish on the green rectangle front is a simplified and filtered picture of a light fixture/chandelier at Laura Pettit’s (the Sessions) house! It’s so cool! It worked great to modify. Her home is such a jewel for this show. It makes people want to hang around and talk and feel all cozy. She has lovely appropriate pieces in her turn of the century home. I have finished the inside too, but since it involves names of artists that need to be invited, judged and approved I won’t post that quite yet. So I am laying my skill on the table once again, and yes I put butterflies on it. But it’s a spring show and my new version of Photoshop has this cool butterfly brush tool. I really tried to hold back.
Also there’s a neat little project that good ole Skip Gienapp is doing for his family. If you feel like contributing and getting his fam their big dream let Skip know what you have to trade.


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