My Treat

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Joel got a concert for Christmas. We went and saw Patty Griffin, Emmylou Harris, Buddy Miller and Shawn Colvin at the Tivoli last night. It was a really nice intimate show. Joel loves Patty and so do I, but Joel really does. Man, her voice is a well oiled machine. She sang along with everyone and sounded so great. Emmylou is great too but it seemed she faded in and out of the mic so much I could not understand a lot of the words she was singing. Buddy was great. He added much needed energy to this show. The ladies were singing about death, getting left, being emotionally abandoned, destitute un-wed mothers and Buddy would chime in with some sure fire gospel country with strong declarations of God’s love and power. In that old time gospel way. I love going to concerts like this. But often times the artists we love don’t tour. I mean, when will Bruce Cockburn tour again? I’m too far away from Thena to see her play. Someday I’ll be in Cali the same time she’s playing. And I missed Sarah Groves. Argh!! I really wanted to go to that one. I hope Joel and I get to see Patty by herself sometime. I think most of the crowd did want to see just Patty. She is pretty awesome. This is my profound music post. My dad and bro will be so proud.


2 thoughts on “My Treat

  1. Shelded

    If Bruce Cockburn tours again I bet he never plays at Covenant College again. His concert was great but in ~1983 he left a huge signed graffito on the marble restroom stall which really was not removable and school administration was upset. Your Dad never did that. 🙂 Just a fun fact to know about Bruce.

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