These are the books you will see lying around our house these days. They go together quite well don’t they? Some people can’t believe that my free-spirit optimist of a husband could possibly be a “bean-counter” but he loves it. He thrives off progress: he investigates the new development around our neighborhood and meets as many people as he can. He recognizes bunk when he sees it (I’ll let you ponder on what those things could be because he won’t let me tell you outright). He likes to be contrary and thought provoking. It’s fascinating and annoying at the same time. Because of how his mind works and how his heart beats he loves numbers. He tested out of math without blinking an eye in college. He is soooo smart and I’d like to remind/tell everyone that right now. I’m proud of my bean-counter husband. He helps me remember to stay grounded when it comes to the artworld and think of it as a business, because to me, it’s becoming more of that every day.
The Children and Painting book I bought against my better judgement but I needed it so badly. And since I’ve purchased it, it saved my hide today as I wrote lessons based on the common sense principles it stated.
I took a whole month off of making artwork after the Metro Show went up at Hollis. Except for a couple select presents. And now I’m thinking lists. I read good ole Hula Seven Oh today and Andrea is such the popular blog goddess. I almost hestitate to ever comment because I feel it will get lost in the masses of communication she gets. But unlike alot of her readers I’ve actually met her and she was an inspiring individual to me the brief times we spent together. Andrea posted about making lists this week. List week so to speak. I think I might try to do that. It’s been a while since I’ve jumped on the “meme train” or even grasped a theme. I even gave up on the SPC even with all my vanity in tow. Lists are so important to me. In fact I’ve moved past the pads on the fridge and the notes here and there. I now have steno pads that always stay in the same general area that have pages of lists. So if there are things I don’t accomplish or presents I don’t receive I can flip through the pages and find that info. So now that the month of productivity kicks in my lists will begin to form and grow and seperate by days of the week. Seeing the lists that are on Found make me laugh and make me think about my Steno pads ever getting seriously browsed through. It really isn’t that personal, but I’m sure no one needs to know the phone number I have to call for my Well Woman results.
My Mondays are insane with teaching school, babysitter and teacher’s aid delegating. So my Manic Monday list has wrapped up already so I give you the–
Monday Evening List:
1. work on new beetle gouache painting
2. fold laundry *check!
3. resist eating carbs after 9pm
4. go to bed before 12:30am
5. sit down because my dawgs are seriously barking
6. Think up Tuesday’s list


2 thoughts on “Effective

  1. Seriously if you ever had a workshop in which you taught things like time efficiency, organization skills, ways to work on becoming more disciplined and productive…I would be the paying customer in the front row, pen poised and waiting. I told my Mom tonight that if I could only have one wish for this year it would be that I find some balance. I am all extremes with no in-between and this only contributes to my need for that workshop:) If it’s not already slightly obvious from my blog I think the masses would be disturbed at how little I’m able to follow through with most anything. It’s not completely out of laziness but I’m not exactly sure what’s wrong with me. This is going to be a year of work for me. I really want to work hard at my goals and feel like I’ve moved ahead by next year. I’ll also be weaning off my antidepressant which might account for some of the scattered thoughts – that really bothers me. Anyway, I digress…I have notes all over the house – on paper, paper-towels, magazines, water bottles…

  2. it’s a no-no to be working and reading but i have put off stopping by here for so long, i can’t believe it. you know i love lists. and i’m all for you keeping to your lists. it’s fun. isn’t it?

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