snow night in jefferson heights

Jan 16 2008 around 9pm. We enjoyed the thick of the snow. Needless to say I didn’t walk this morning. I hate wet feet.
It was very magical to be out with the kids after bedtime and getting wet and cold. It was tough finding the setting on my little camera to get the right shots, but I’m glad a figured it out. B&W seemed best, the orange streetlights with snow just isn’t as pretty. I’m so glad we took them out because they would have melted down (no pun intended) if they didn’t have a chance to play in it. Sometime soon we’ll take the kids on a vacation where they can truly enjoy snow. You know like Gatlinburg. That’s my attempt to be funny today. I’ll get my list together later on, today is more reflective, those lists are harder to just make in one sitting. They also are made for more than one day/week. Now go make your list!


One thought on “snow night in jefferson heights

  1. I won’t walk in the wet coldness either and I get cranky. We got three wet inches. You and the kids look so beautiful. Love and more love.

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