I tried to think of a list that was a little more thought provoking for Thursday. It was harder than I thought. I think mostly it’s because I”ve discussed alot of my feelings about the New Year and other issues that have been close to my heart recently. But yesterday did involve tasks that touch on those issues. So I’ll just wing it and see what happens. Sorry this list is arriving late, but as I said these tasks are ongoing and not necessarily achievable by the end of a day.
Thursday’s List:
1. Visit my grandmother: this as been a long time coming. I wanted to visit her over Christmas but she was having health problems right after Christmas and I couldn’t see her with the kids. I am trying to work on my patience and compassion levels. I’ve been feeling a bit callous and I need to get outside of myself and be a bit more like Jesus. So visiting my grandma is an easy first step that I’d like to make a more regular scheduled thing.
2. Call Amber so all the boys can play: As soon as the snow started to fall and I saw that Hamilton Co. schools were out I made a mental note–call Amber tommorow. Mamas need some solidarity. It can be the only thing that keeps us sane.
3. Pray for leaders:Sometimes this seems futile, but I believe that prayer works. From the presidential elections to my church leaders to my husband, all these guys need prayer. I especially prayed for Joel’s future, and NRV’s leadership.
4. Reflecting on the importance of the spiritual in the everyday: I have been thinking of how I can effect the world and the Kingdom of God. I have been thinking of epidemics that surround my generation and even my friends. I have been thinking of the importance of being a good wife and working on a strong marriage and united household. And not to repeat myself too much, but discipline. Discipline in my health, my parenting, my artistic pursuits, my educational responsibilities, the list goes on. Discipline in my physical life parallels with the spiritual disciplines which we will be discussing at church for awhile.
This weekend will work on my patience as we drive down to Atlanta to visit with family. Giving over my self serving agenda and just dedicating time to visit and catch up. I would love to get measurements down and go to IKEA while we’re down there and buy shelves!! Money is really tight right now. Measuring and planning would just be torture. Playing cool board games with the fam is much cheaper.


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  1. Sara

    I like the lists and the Hula Girl Seventy blog. I also read Angry Chicken too. It’s neat to see creative moms out there doing their thing. Most inspiring. Keep creating.

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