The Honesty of Fun

There is something so honest about kids having fun. It’s invigorating, joyful, relaxing. Sitting around doing nothing is stressful, but getting outside, even when it’s really cold, is wonderful. Hope you all had a fun weekend. Maybe you’re weekend hasn’t ended yet. Mine has, I teach tommorow, but Joel gets to stay home with the kids. That’s $30 I save on babysitting!
The things I didn’t accomplish this week of lists was short. Mostly because I kept the lists short. I didn’t get around to my art assignments. I didn’t find new critter images and I didn’t work on my beetle as much as I’d like. I’m kinda blocked. I’ve been practicing and putzing around, but I need a new groove. I don’t want to do any repeats, I want my vision to grow. It’ll get there, the closer I get to a deadline.


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