Getting Ready

I’m up late again waiting for my primo eBay auction to end. A pair of jeans for $113. I wanted them to get up to $150. I wanted to work a little bit more for the Birthday Costume Bash we are having tommorrow but I’ve been feeling icky, getting better though. Josiah, Juden, Kaiden and Elisha all amazing birthday boys. Josiah received a kind gift of a Superman outfit to borrow for the party from Oliver. I’ve heard that Joshua Caleb Green will be dressed in pirate gear. Joel is going to be Darth Vader. I think, now that I’m on the mend, I will be Cat Woman, meeeeee-yeow! I’ll let Eden decide what she wants to be tommorrow monring. It’ll be great to see so many friends. We will miss those that can’t be there, we love you all! I hope we have enough treats for everyone. Either way, I will love celebrating these boys. Boys are wonderful. I have never been so challenged to use my imagination as I am when I’m with my son. Josiah’s birthday is Sunday, I’ll try not to get to sappy before then.


One thought on “Getting Ready

  1. jen k

    katers… we had so much fun at the bash!! thanks for all the efforts for the boys… i think it was apparent that the party was a hit!!! 😉

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