Yesterday had the potential of being really nice but it was just ok. Joel and I don’t do Valentine’s Day. And before you feel really sorry for me I’ll say, “As long as he makes some days romantic and sweet I’ll forgive him for the faux holiday made up for the end of winter retail slump.” Ok, now you can feel sorry for me because I didn’t spend any time with my husband on Valentines. I did get to love on my kids alot and have a nice relaxing play day with them yesterday. We walked and had hot chocolate at Niedlov’s and fresh peanut butter cookies made there later on.
We played on the St Elmo playground making “family sandwiches” down the slide (me on the bottom, Jos in the middle and Eden on top). I did get to go to one hour of the opening of Heart of the Neighborhood and have a pretty (although not quite stiff enough) drink. Cat joined me since Joel was still at work. I walked home with Cat and met Joel at the door as he went to Nocturne and took tickets. I hung out with my kids and we watched Batman until Grandma and Grandpa showed up. I debated whether I should take my mom up on another hour of babysitting but my weary bones, lack of desire to drink, and the face of Josiah when he said, “Are you going to put us to bed?” They’ve had too much babysitting this week I think. My neighbor Jan stopped by to tell me my “Bird of Hearts” was the only piece that sold at the Create Here Heart of the Neighborhood Show. Great! Is it God’s blessing or the fact that I priced it too low? A little bit of both, that’s $65 bucks I didn’t have before! Joel called at 9pm from the din of pre party hoopla and asked if I would be staying home. He guessed right. He did however bring the eager Thompson’s over to the house (since we are around the corner from the party) to give them some hope of living here? Maybe? Join us will you? The rest of the evening is not worth mentioning. I tried to get work done but was preoccupied with too much dramatic TV and inner spirit churnings of sorts. I do hope your Valentine’s day was joyful. It is too much for us to have high romantic expectations, it is, however, fun to cut out big read hearts out of paper and see little children OOo and Ahhh over mylar balloons.