The Faces I Know

Detail #1
Detail #2
This piece is again exploring a new theme I want to take on. I have trouble completely defining it. I’ve talked it through with Joel pretty sucessfully and then fairly clumsily with Cat.
CreateHere has another art show in March that I’m going to try with all my might to be ready for. Between a funeral, memorial service, teaching school, Clothesline show organizing, small group hosting, baby shower planning and general Mom duties I hope I can have a piece finished by March 5. Whew. But this is how I like to be. I’ve been slowing down a little too much and it makes my artwork suffer. The March show has a literary theme to it. There were not many quotes left to go from, but the one I picked was from A Lesson Before Dying. It’s from page 175 and it talks about fiddling with a radio dial to find a good station. I found some good antique radio pics via flickr so I dove into the geometry of drawing radio dials the other night. I hope I can achieve a good illusion. If any of you have some insight on that book that’d be great because I really don’t have the time to read it.
Thanks for all your well wishings for our family. We will say farewell officially to Papa Hull this weekend. I look forward to seeing what his military burial will be like.