Waking Up and Spring Rain

God is really good to us. We had a wonderful time reflecting on the faithfulness of Joel’s grandfather and the blessings his faithfulness has brought us all. Life in the Knutson family will change, but what is life without some changes? As soon as we stumbled in our front door Sunday I was so glad to be back in Chattanooga. I went to Trader Joe’s while down there, and went by myself which is especially nice. It was crazy busy, but it’s great to have a freezer full of treats and loads of 2-buck-Chuck. Atlanta is just too much. We think of the years we lived there with fondness, but man, there was alot of sorrow and lonliness too. It doesn’t have everything to do with a place, but it sure does make life harder when you’re driving so much with really tired kids.
God smiles on us in Chattanooga. I hope that you, my dear readers, feel the same where you are. When I feel like I’d rather be swinging in some bigger city like NYC or LA, or some hipper trendier city like Portland or Chicago, I remember that my life is not defined just by where I live. The quality of life is so much better now than it was just 8 years ago when I lived in Chattanooga before. The opportunities are better, my motivation is better.
I’m working on a piece for the Passages show that opens on Thursday and will have a closing reception on the 29th of March. It’s coming along, I’ll show you more of it when I feel better about it, probably tonight or tommorow since I have to have it done by Wednesday morning. Good thing the curator of the show lives next door! I am enjoying the red oxide paint my friend Rachel gave me in combination with a bleached out blue color. I’m wondering if I will just render the scene in the photograph or if I will add something to it. I always tell myself to simplify, but it’s always more and more that I find I have to do. I will one day become so good at what I do I will not need to tweek and tweek it will just be done.
If you live in the Chattanooga area and have not been to Taco Rico on Main Street you really MUST go. They have a great take out service if their huge-TV-with-Spanish-soaps ambiance is not what you’re feelin’. It’s terribly kid friendly though. I recommend their chicken burrito. It’s about $2 less than Mojo or Moe’s and for women like me it’s just enough food, no more staring at your plate in pain that you have half a burrito to carry around until you get home. They have some great sauces. One’s like a tomatillo sauce that’s a good mixture of spice and the other is an oiler kind of salsa cilantro dressing with chopped onion. Their pupusas are great for the kids.You’ll have to get a few because they’re small and addictive! We get bean and cheese for the kiddies, the pork ones are awesome! Tamales are also great, they remind me of an El Salvadoran hobo dinner. It’s wrapped in a husk and is made out of corn meal with chicken and veggies. They have the only hand made tortillas in Chattanooga. Very fresh and authentic. They’re open when everything else is not. Bluegrass closes at 2, Niedlov’s at 6, Taco Rico is there for you until 9pm. YUM!!


4 thoughts on “Waking Up and Spring Rain

  1. Linda

    Hey Katie, I’m glad your time over the weekend brought some reflection. I was praying for you guys and your loss. Man, I identify in some weird way when you were talking about Atlanta. The year we lived there brings up lots of bittersweet emotions for us too. Next time you go to Trader Joe’s let me know, I want in on that 2-buck- Chuck!

  2. jen k

    glad to have you cats back… i know that you all have had a rough couple of weeks. so sorry, kate.
    i also just wanted to say out loud that i share your chattanooga happiness. although josh & i didn’t live in a bigger urban area when we first got married, it was hard being away from good ol’ chatt town. so nice to be in such a kid/fam friendly city and to be near family.
    so happy to be right here, right now man!

  3. jill

    i was in chatt this weekend and came across a couple of your pieces at Mocha on Main. wish i had some extra cash! they were wonderful!

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