The Artwork Cometh

Tommorow I am the joyful recipient of artwork from at least 13 ladies for Clothesline Art Show entries. I am kinda anxious to see how this goes. Put enough women in a room and you get drama. And enough creative women with passions, emotions, and (let’s admit it) agendas, you get some unexpected things. I am praying that we can break out of our comfortable places and create new facets of our relationships in order to grow artistically and spiritually. Cat has worked very hard to be the administrator. Not everything is going to be perfect and there are goals that are going to be achieved and some that will not. Each time we have this show we get closer to being a bit more professional, but as Joel told me last night the main goal is to have great art hanging on the walls and to have people show up. The rules for rules sake is not always the goal.
But all in all I am excited because this is a new experience for me, being a juror, hostess, and coordinator of sorts. There are lots of things rattling around in my brain about this event and I’m afraid of how ill prepared people will feel I am. I want to have more compassion, more humility, more respect for those women in this group who have encouraged me to be an artist. Those I have watched from afar and been eager to see what they can do. Seems like so many in my ‘hood are buzzing about the “ARTS” like its a nation, a political party, a secret club, a golden ticket what-have-you. We women of the Clothesline are working for this buzz, because it’s been alive in us for so long. It’s not sparked by whatever big-money foundation is handing out grants it’s sparked by Jesus, the one who put this desire in all of us. It won’t just go away. But without loving, faith-driven, fellow artists we will be alone with our fragile egos. I want to see all of us get better, not just with art production but with a sense of urgency to create for the Kingdom of God. That means we have to know how to market it, we have to know how to price it, we have to know how to make deadlines, we have to have a current blasted artist statement! It’s not about being blown back and forth by a creative breeze (although there must be an important time for that), it’s about fine tuning ourselves to be useful tools for Jesus.
So I welcome you artist/tools for the Kingdom to my house. They’ll be a sign out front, or balloons or something. I’ll be waitin’
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