Another Home Recycling Solution

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a toddler’s polka dot dream, originally uploaded by katiek2.

We recycle plastic containers but the caps are not the same plastic as the jug. I’ve been saving up caps to make something like a mobile, or a homemade teething toy for a baby. There are many on the way! Man, what’s in the water! I have quite a collection and the paper bag that was holding them was not fitting in the drawer anymore. Sometimes it’s hard to coax the kids to bathtime and I had pulled out the caps hoping to start a self-created game of some sort. That didn’t work so well, they started to get thrown around the room.
“How would you guys like to take the caps in the bathtub!”
“Do you think they’ll float?”
“Well, we’ll see!”
It’s a winner. This is a super easy way to do some simple education and recycle those caps! They come in so many cool colors! Man, we drink a lotta milk!


3 thoughts on “Another Home Recycling Solution

  1. that is a great idea! i also ran across a website where you can learn to make little men from container tops:
    thanks again for all of your help yesterday! i surely could not have pulled off the party without you…and you know that the boys are always thrilled to have josiah around! what a great kid!

  2. Emma

    Nathaniel – “What are they playing with in the bath?”
    Me – “Caps”
    Nathaniel -“Caps?! Well caps float in the water. Mom did you know caps float like that?”
    Me – “mm hmm”
    Nathaniel – “Well, I did too.”
    🙂 Great idea.

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