Morning Walks

I know some of you out there think I don’t sleep at all and that I’ve probably got a battery back-up or something. I do get weary, I don’t stay up til 1am very often. I have been getting up at like 6:30am and walking every morning. I didn’t think I could do it, but I’ve realized that it’s great to be out when it’s quiet and I have no agenda besides getting home at a good time for Joel to get to work. My back doesn’t get sore if I walk in the morning. It must loosen me up! I get to clear my head and pray, brainstorm and look around me for inspiration. I usually don’t take my camera, mostly because it’s too dark! But there are some wonderful colors and shapes that early in the morning. The clock is ticking for the Make Work Grant and I have not taken a single step forward on it. I’m a bit afraid that I’ll get stressed and afraid of the process once I get into it. Kinda like doing taxes. Something else I still hafta do. But these are some images that I captured during my walk the other day. There are so many wonderful shapes. After our critique last weekend for Clothesline it makes me want to swallow these shapes whole and spit out some challenging brand new artwork! Hopefully I can have some time to spit out a grant for even more grand art projects for the future.