He has Risen indeed! May you all have a joyful Easter celebrating our Lord Jesus and the gift of life he has given us all! What a beautiful weekend to celebrate!
I did dyed eggs with the kids this year. First year I’ve ever done it. They loved it! I think we could have done like 5 dozen. I’m not very good at boiling eggs though. If we didn’t have an Easter egg hunt to take them to I probably would have not done a full dozen, cuz I’m the only one who would eat them. Although Eden took a big courageous bite out of one yesterday and it was a riot to watch her squirm the dry yolk around in her mouth and swallow it willingly (which is amazing!). I asked her if she liked it and she shook her head no. I told her she could put the rest in the garbage.
There are things about Easter we don’t really do since we are at the Vineyard-all-things-casual-church. Easter dresses are not a priority. I feel kinda ashamed about that. I have a beautiful daughter and I don’t get her tons of pretty dresses. *sigh* Isn’t that why having a girl is fun? Just kidding, it’s not that big of a deal to me. I have plenty of dresses for her that used to be mine, made by the skillful hands of my grandmother.
I also miss the sounds of the choir singing “Death is Ended”. My dad really is a great songwriter. He’s written some killer choir songs that you cannot sit still to enjoy. You must get out of your seat to bear witness to how grand, loud, and excitable is it to sing about the ressurection of Christ.
May you all have a wonderful day of singing, celebrating, and chocolate bunny eating.


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  1. dad

    Go ahead and dress her up! Maybe you’ll start something. Cara and Emma(?) were over at NCF Sunday morning. It was great to see their grown up selves.

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