Great Carnage

This is me procrastinating. I need to be cleaning, starting dinner, finishing grant stuff. Which, by the way, I’m feeling more confident about because I got one letter of Rec today and one is on the way. Woo-hooo! Now, the ball is pretty much in my court. But I still need to do my budget (ugh that budget)and edit my essay. Oh, and I need to get better images of two of my pieces. Maybe Amber and Mark can help me out with that? Oh, you owners of a nicer camera than mine? I need to make that images CD.
But we have a large Earth-Mover-o-Saurus behind our house that is always a quick form of entertainment. Especially this past Friday when it took down the tree. *CRACK* went each limb!! I was letting out a “Whoah!” and a “Holy Cow!” everytime that mechanical creature took a chomp out of it. I think I had more fun than the kids. They are leveling the ground back there for Avenue 3. Should be fancy, expensive and a pain for me to get out of my driveway easily. It was a nice empty lot for this, our first year in Jeff Heights.


One thought on “Great Carnage

  1. you can use our camera anytime. afternoons seem to be the best time for picture taking at our house. the lighting is just better. let us know how we can help…

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